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Russian Manic???!!!
VincenityДата: Воскресенье, 28.10.2007, 21:13 | Сообщение # 1
не зли меня
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Разговор Lil'Remix'a с clown prince

remixthaover (18:09:54): holla
wwwthemaniccom (18:10:50): sup fam
wwwthemaniccom (18:11:02): i just woke up
remixthaover (18:11:54): 1 minutes
wwwthemaniccom (18:12:45): iight fam holla
remixthaover (18:13:43): wath?
remixthaover (18:13:54): iight fam holla?ЦРФЕ?
remixthaover (18:13:58): WHAT
remixthaover (18:14:29): Good morning!
remixthaover (18:14:54):
wwwthemaniccom (18:16:43): good morning to you too
wwwthemaniccom (18:18:11): but like i was saying yesterday, i want to put you on MANIC, my crew
remixthaover (18:20:09): I remember! The matter is that I have a command! And I did not wish it to leave! I have for you an offer!!!!!!!
wwwthemaniccom (18:20:29): what offer?
remixthaover (18:24:14): We have three persons to a command and all of them play лутьше me!
1) to .Gismo-it to 15-th you transferred its video
2) to .Twister-it 16-you too saw it on video!
My offer if wish фристайлеров to take in a command to take us a three in a command!
Well I think you will disagree.... We MANIC untwisted in Russia
wwwthemaniccom (18:24:49): Ok so you want me to put ALL 3 of you in MANIC?
remixthaover (18:25:35): YES
wwwthemaniccom (18:26:19): hmm
wwwthemaniccom (18:26:38): OK how about this, i have a MANIC INTERNATIONAL CREW......thats where i will add you guys ok??
wwwthemaniccom (18:26:44): a special section for you guys
wwwthemaniccom (18:27:20): on MANIC
remixthaover (18:27:44): ok
remixthaover (18:28:39): Explain please more in detail! Now we in your command?
wwwthemaniccom (18:28:45): Ok, you 3 are in MANIC now, thats cool with me
wwwthemaniccom (18:28:59): So now i need you guys to get ALOT of sick footage and send it to me, i will edit the videos
wwwthemaniccom (18:29:05): and put it on the WEBSITE, no youtube
remixthaover (18:37:32):
Then we today shall send you fragments, I can even give music (Krump) and all will be ок!
wwwthemaniccom went idle at 18:39:21.
wwwthemaniccom returned at 18:39:45.
wwwthemaniccom (18:39:50): ok cool
wwwthemaniccom (18:40:43): so WELCOME TO THE CREW
remixthaover (18:41:05): You can be registered here! I from write all for Manic
remixthaover (18:41:10): ThankS
remixthaover (18:41:18): You can be registered here! I from write all for Manic
remixthaover (18:41:28):
wwwthemaniccom (18:41:49): thnx fam
remixthaover (18:42:06): ok
wwwthemaniccom (18:42:01): i need to say ALOT of NEW MOVES from you ok??
remixthaover (18:42:23): ok
wwwthemaniccom (18:42:31): NEW MOVES YOU MADE UP, not other people moves ok?
remixthaover (18:43:03): ok
wwwthemaniccom (18:43:22): Got it?
remixthaover (18:43:59): yes
wwwthemaniccom (18:43:55): hey
wwwthemaniccom (18:44:01): you know that move you did with Gismo
wwwthemaniccom (18:44:09): where you stand behind the D and kick the ball?
remixthaover (18:45:23): Has not understood? Repeat please
wwwthemaniccom (18:46:25): Ok
wwwthemaniccom (18:46:35): the MOVE you did with GISMO
wwwthemaniccom (18:46:47): where your standing behind the defender
wwwthemaniccom (18:46:55): and he throws the ball off your foot
remixthaover (18:48:21): Gismo plays only chesspieces...... It plays for city Reutov
wwwthemaniccom (18:49:18): OK, you guys did the SAME MOVE as me and my friend
remixthaover (18:50:39): hahhaha ok
remixthaover (18:51:10): And what it for video?
wwwthemaniccom (18:51:15): showing you the move
remixthaover (18:51:39): ok
remixthaover (18:52:40): You have the of a vest? And that to us should then too be made!
wwwthemaniccom (18:53:08): what? i dont understand
remixthaover (18:53:56): At you is your command of a vest?
ATTENTION (18:54:04): Transfer complete: cp new drop n
remixthaover (18:54:04): understand?
wwwthemaniccom (18:54:58): watch the video
remixthaover (18:55:25): 1 minutes
wwwthemaniccom (18:56:13): k
remixthaover (18:56:40): hahahahahah
remixthaover (18:56:42): cool
wwwthemaniccom (18:57:08): ok im out
wwwthemaniccom (18:57:14): going to the gym to film
wwwthemaniccom (18:57:22): FILM ALOT OF NEW MOVES PLEASE
remixthaover (18:58:27): Excuse to me it is necessary to leave! Then I shall come we shall lose! At me in the near future should disconnect an Internet so can and I shall not come today!
remixthaover (18:59:10): good by
remixthaover (18:59:14): ok?

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RemiXДата: Пятница, 30.11.2007, 14:44 | Сообщение # 2
только взял мячик в руки
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ХАХАХАХАХАХА.....да история интересная!))) smile

Добавлено (30.11.2007, 14:44)
Trailer rus ballers
ну он ещё не одобрен Clown Prince'ом)

ThaManic Ballin
Новосибирский баскетбольный форум » Streetball » Стритбол в мире » Russian Manic???!!!
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