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Here we present you the descriptions of some AND1 moves. More to come.

Pick Up
1. Dribble away from the Defender
2. Roll the ball out
3. Either cup the ball or hit it with the bottom of your wrist and it should come right up.

1. Dribble in and out you left leg, then quickly through your right.
2. When the ball is in your right hand quickly spin it around the D's head (while you're spinning).
3. When your back is to him quickly put the ball in you shirt.
4. Hit the ball out and catch it with your right hand

Through the Legs
1.Get the defender lazy by dribbling a while
2.Roll the ball under the defenders legs (being careful not to roll it too strong)
3.Crawl under the dander's legs quickly
4.Pick up the ball and dish it off

1.Aight you dribble a bit
2.Then grab the ball with you right hand and bring the ball across you body.
3.Put the ball through the back of you left legs it comes back to the front of you body and grab it wit you right hand again.

1. Roll the ball out as if it were an accident.
2. Wait for the defender to make a move at it then quickly scoop it up with your opposite hand.

Ankle Breaker
1. Come up court with the ball in your right kind of diagonal like you taken a lane but don't drive in (run like 5 steps)
2. Then switch hands by going throw you legs and run the other way (like 3 steps)
3. Then switch back through you legs now the ball should be in your right hand... now u can pop a J or do a lay (if this move doesn't work u have to do it faster go through your legs sharper stop fast and keep you head up). When you're done the D's ankle should be swollen.

Kobe Bryant Crossover
First you fake to your left, using your entire body. Your right foot should come halfway off the ground. Then quickly go to your right and take it to the hoop!

Allen Iverson Crossover
First, you take a step to the left, the step has to be wide and you have to add a convincing head fake to it. Now, the defender thinks you're trying to get by him from left. Then you actually switch the ball to your right hand. This cross has to be QUICK, otherwise the defender will catch you. Now you have several options. You can hit the open jumper for e.g.

The Roll
1. Dribble the ball with your left hand through your right leg while sort of falling down
2. When the ball gets to your right hand place your left hand on the floor and roll over. Keeping the ball in your right hand.
3. When you're getting up gently bounce the ball back to your left hand in a crossover motion.

Ball On Head
1. Pick the ball up and either place it on the defender's head and roll it off or bounce it off his head.

Useful Move That Will Trick opponents
Say you're on a fast break or on a simple drive to the hole with the person like right with you. In stride 'I'll B On The right side getting reedy for your two steps'. Take your First step with your right "Don't bring your off hand to the ball have your right hand still on the ball but don't carry".
Now try to make this look as natural as you can but right before you take the step with your left foot simply crossover thru your legs to the left and pull up for a short fadeaway. Basically take your first step and have your right arm hesitate then right before that second step so you don't travel put it thru your legs and pull up. Defender will most likely keep running.

Tornado Fake
Do a tornado with your right hand holding the ball, but when you are done spinning and you have to dribble the first time after the spin stick your left leg out and dribble through it to your left should have shook the D.

Tornado III
Do the tornado and when you're done spinning, take the hand you have the ball in and throw it behind your back so it makes a crossover behind you and get it with your left hand and drive to the left.

Spin Cycle
(The D Should have his legs open for this move)

1. With the ball in your left, jab to the left then cross back to the right.
2. Now with the ball in your right plant your left foot and spin clockwise towards the left.
3. About ? thru the spin bounce it BACK thru the D's legs and get back and quickly retrieve it. You should now be back in front of the D.
4. Now hesitate like your going to shoot or dish or something like that. Then do Hot Sauce's Half Spider (Vol. 5, Coney Island)
5. Now put it thru the D's legs and drive.

1. Do the Boomerang.
2. Don't jump back to get it, just stay there and let it go behind you.
3. Now hit it with your elbow to a teammate.

(If you have an open teammate on the left or right, this is a good move to confuse the D).
1. Do the boomerang.
2. Don't jump back to get it, just stand there and let it go behind you, the D should have turned around (you just did the boomerang) and hit it with your elbow to your teammate. Get the teammate to hold it with their elbows.
3. The D should be wondering where the ball went. Point to the net or another teammate and they should turn around again.
4. Get the D to pass it back to you, and bounce it to get the D's attention. Now cross that sucker up.

The Whirlwind
1. Ball in your right, bring it over to your left side and put it behind the D's back.
2. Now spin the opposite way (counter clockwise) and go get it.
3. If you see that the D is confused then you can spin back clockwise after the first spin and get it.

Fake Boom twist
(You know how Hot Sauce puts the ball around his back from left to right then throws the ball off the backboard and follows thru wit a spin then gets it back? Well do that once before you do this move)
1. With the ball in your left, pretend to put it around your back to the right, but really put it in your shirt.
2. Now throw your hand over the D's left shoulder and follow thru with a spin, they should think u did the boom twist again.
3. Now after they turn back around look at them like you don't get it and point to the rim or something.
4. Then pop it out off your shirt and cross back to your left and drive.

Real Dizzy
1. With the rock in your right hand, do the twister.
2. When you complete the spin put it behind the D's back.
3. Now spin the opposite way to the left (clockwise) and get the ball.

You Flinched
1. Swing the ball over the D's head really hard wit 2 hands and pull it back and hold it with your elbows.
2. Now drop the ball and throw a punch but don't hit the D (unless you want to get killed) just swing by there face a couple times.
3. Now when they flinch quickly place the ball on the ground behind them.
4. Now like act like you passed it off and didn't have it in the first place, and run in the opposite direction you put the ball.
5. Now look at him stupid and go get the ball.

Improvement of shamagod's move
1. Shamagod's improvement - you got to start off with the Shamagod where you roll it out and the defender opens up to move with the roll and you go to grab with the opposite hand you hit it up through his legs and by him.
2. Untie - this one is hard but can be embarrassing: you got to be dribbling quick making the defender rock then you show him a slow motion crossover and while he is watching the ball you take the hand you just crossed with and untie his shoe and hit him up through the legs.

First what you do is you roll on the ground by dribbling the ball with your right hand then spinning on the ground and picking it up with you left (the move from vol. 3, and also known as the slip'n'slide), but when you pick it up with your left hand you throw the ball between the Defenders legs and go in for the layup.

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Fake Hypnotizer
I got the idea of this move by putting two of HotSauce's moves together. First, whenever you want, do the hypnotizer like Hotsauce, just to play around with them even if you don't get the ball back, it's OK. Then next time you have the ball do the motion for the Hypno but pick up the back of your shirt and put the ball in there then look up like you through the ball over your head.

Backside Wraparound
Aight start off by turning your back to the D and dribbling toward him backwards. Once you're close to him put your arm around his neck like a headlock with the hand you're not dribbling with. Bounce it of his head once or twice while you're holding him there, then grab it (with your back still facing him) and wrap it around his back and yours, then score. Of the ten or so people that were watching on that rainy day, everyone went crazy.

Thigh Spin
Be dribbling with your right hand and be about 4 or 5 feet from the D. Dribble once when you get close to him then spin with out the ball, just letting it bounce there. When you spin, do it so you're spinning on your right foot and spin towards your back. If done correctly, your left thigh will carry the ball around and the defender will jump to the wrong side of you, leaving a wide open lane (especially in 1-on-1).

Lights out
You dribble at the defender at full speed, slow down a bit do a slow move cross over then you pick up the front of your shirt with either your left or right hand (depends on what hand your dribbling with) and put it over the defenders head so they cant see. You must completely put the ball over the d's head the front of your shirt touching the back of his head, Then when he is under your shirt you have different options you can do:
1.walk backwards dribbling behind your back
2.hit the ball of the d's head
3.throw the ball in the air but act like you passed the ball then when the d looks out (they think you've passed the ball) and will turn around and look for it , but it isn't there cuz you'll catch the ball when he tuned his back to you.

Twist of fate
Dribble up to your puppet as close as possible, cross between your legs (example: from the left hand through the legs to your right hand). Now take the step to the left, now the ball is in your right hand, cup it, and bring it behind your back. The puppet follows your move to the left but here is the deal: try to turn your hand with the ball in it so that the ball comes back to your right side and blow past the D. It works only if done correctly.

Mission impossible
Run up to your D (I am giving the directions for the right hand move) and push the ball to his head, left side, but cup the ball so it doesn't come out of your hand, right now he is seeing the back of you hand, he should stand up straight. Now wrap the ball around your left shoulder, over your back so the ball comes back to your right side. The D is confused by the move.

Don't Reach
Bring the ball up switching the ball from left 2 right, when the D steps up pick your nose (make sure its big) flash it up against the D and make sure the D sees the booger, hopefully the D will back off as far as possible and then go straight to the basket. Simple as 1, 2, 3.

Murda cross
You dribble around the D and then you take the ball and spin it clockwise in front of the defender's face then cross it left, it always works.

Where you're looking at?
Do a spin move but when you behind the D do anotha one so that you're in your original position, they will turn around most of the time.

You dribble the ball and put it around the d's head then u put it in your shirt but don't put the ball all the way around your body but you stop it when it is behind you. Then you get the front part of your shirt end you put the d's shirt. When your doing this bend a little and the ball will go over your back and over the d's backend then you take the d out of your shirt and the d would still think you got it.

Boomerang the other way
In order to do the boomerang you have to spin your arm and crap. Well I made up this move that is like a fake boomerang. First you got to look for the opportunity and then when it comes you do the boomerang but instead of twisting your arm all the way you twist like half way. If you do this move right the ball will stay in the air right above the d's head he would look the other way and then back at you and boom: it would hit the d right in the head. This move is kind of difficult but if you get the flow of it you will do well.

Dribble up to the d when your about a foot or so away start putting it through your legs back and for quicker and quicker until the d is focused on what you're doing. When the d goes low to swipe at the ball spin to your left while your spinning through the ball over your head and the d's; it should work 'cause he's low when you spin so your body should block it going up and over then go around him get the rock and score or dish the dime.

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The Swing
1. Do the still leg to a hard cross from right to left using your right foot for the stiff leg.
2. Once he gets back up to you (cause u know u're gonna break him just wit da stiff leg) start dribbling real low and freestyle a little bit for say 10 seconds.
3. Once he is getting annoyed and get up from his d position and put his hands on his hips, have the ball in your left hand.
4. With his arms still on his sides and the ball in your left hand walk up to him and to a fast cross.
5. Put your left arm around his right arm, and like the hicks would say...SWING YOUR PARTNER ROUND AND ROUND.
6. When you're about to swing back to the spot u were in, put the ball through his legs so when u get back to your original spot, the ball will be behind him. Then either start dribbling or just go get the ball.

Ball And Chain
1. Start off dribbling real lazy and throw in sum lazy crossovers.
2. When the D gets outa position do a fast crossover.
3. Then with ur bad hand (if ur good u shouldn't have a bad hand) wrap the ball around him and hold it on his back.
4. With your free hand, grab the back of his shirt and pull it over his head and the ball should now be in his shirt and over his head.
5. If you can, pull his shirt off him with the ball in it and swing it around like a BALL and CHAIN, hence the name. If you can't pull his shirt off, when the shirt is over his head just knock the ball out and go to the basket.

B Baller
What you do is fake the ball to get the defender shocked, then you bring it back and wrap it round their head. As you are doing this, jump and put it in your shirt and hit it round. Defender thinks it's coming out the right hand side, so you hit back round with you elbow it pops out your t-shirt and to finish it of the defender in all the confusion will be standing flat footed so burn him to the hole or put it threw his legs.

You break sum1's ankle and then just make an easy lay-up, put the ball on the D's chest and walk off the court.

Neck Twister
First just dribble freely then when you get a good position take your right hand and wrap a ball around the D's head but when the ball is behind the D's throw the ball the opposite way then fake left like you threw the ball that way (but it's on the right side). Then grab the ball and do whatever you like!

U just dribble with your strong hand, then when the D is kindda short 'cuz he bends his knees, surprise him by doing this: u come fast to him, take your shirt, put it on his head, so he cant see, then u just try to embarrass him (throwing at his head; just do something funny) and then pass or go to the layup.

Dribble close to your d close enough that u could freestyle a little maybe about 4 to 5 feet. When you see that your d is board quickly lunge towards your d's shorts and pull them down. So while the d is pulling up his shorts do whatever with the ball: shoot it, throw it off his head, do a little dance, drive.

Canadian Flava
Dribble close to your d with whatever hand, it doesn't matter. Once again do a little freestyling. Then when he is bored do Hotsauce's hurricane except: don't put it between your legs put it behind his back and drive to the basket. Wait that's not the whole move that's only the beginning. Later in the game repeat the steps except when you do the hurricane don't put it fully behind his back just put it behind him enough so he can't see and fake run like you fully put it behind his back so he follows you and then run back to the ball.

Leg Twist
Start this move off by dribbling the ball through your legs and just show some handle, then while dribbling wit your right hand, dribble the ball through your leg to your left hand but at the same time spin and face your back to your d, then dribble the ball behind your back once back to your right hand (all in one motion). After that, wrap the ball around him and put it through his legs and back through yours. He should be so shaking up just spin off him to left and go for the easy lay-up.

Ankle Breaker (Literally)
First just dribble wit your left hand then give a little head fake to the left then crossover to your right hand and start driving right. As the d tries to catch back up wit u, wit the ball in your right hand, put it through his legs back to your left hand when he turns back around do the same thing and put it back through his legs to your right hand and just drive to the hoop. Every time I try this move I break someone's time literally.

Made up this one move when you are doubled team. First you cross one guy then you do a spin move. Then at this time you should be facing the other guy and when you complete your spin just throw it threw the guy's legs.

Tornado (the 360 way)
Before you begin remember that it doesn't matter which hand you do it with. First you come up to the D, get to a spot where you're comfortable enough to show your stuff. Then you start dribbling and do a little dribbling exhibition to the point that where your D starts getting bored and gets off his guard (literally). Then (if you know how the AI's cross works) do that but instead of taking the rock all the way to your other hand just turn around and face your defender and throw the rock through the d's legs and turn around go get it. Then it's just simply a matter of weather dropping a dime or taking it to the hole.

This is a move I got by putting Hotsauce's move and some other guys' moves 2gether, from vol. 3 and 4. First what you do is freestyle but don't get your D bored. Try and keep him in the defense position. Now when he is not ready wrap the ball behind his back and put it through the back of his legs but keep both hands on the ball when doing it. When he turns back, stop the ball and let it stay on the ground then do a spin move without the ball. Then do a little dash like your running and when your D is chasing you go back and get the ball.

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